Salomon Adv and SNEAKERBOY partnered together in 2020 to connect the natural world with the urbanised environment.  Salomon Advanced is a space where curiosity fuels exploration, and encourages an ongoing collaboration between the outdoors and humankind.

Our concept married Australian indigenous vegetation from a grassland community in Victoria and the idea of years of an uninhabited environment.  Fusing product, brand idenity and experience together at Sneakerboy.

All indigenous grasses and plants were reunited with their former home environment once the installation was complete.

Installed at SNEAKERBOY Melbourne Flagship ~ 2020
Featuring Salomon Adv XT-6

Concept: Kayle Lawson
Architectural Partners:  baracco+wright
Brand Partners: Salomon
Photography: Ben Hoskings

Essentials Fear of God Installation
SNEAKERBOY Melbourne Flagship

Fear of God - The California Installation

SNEAKERBOY Melbourne Flagship

NIKE Dunk High x AMBUSH ‘Cosmic Fuchsia’ Release

Golden Goose Installation

NIKE x AMBUSH Release SNEAKERBOY Melbourne &  Chadstone

Arc’teyrx x SNEAKERBOY Installation

Brand Partners: Arc'teryx AU & SNEKAERBOY
Fabrication: Boom Studios

The World of Salomon

a brand colloboration between Salomon Advanced, & SNEAKERBOY.

A linished monolith displaying 4 screen showing the journey of Salomons pregression from archvied adverts ranging from 1985 - 1999 displaying the first SKI merchandise ads from ‘85, X-treme 72 hour endurance races, Mountain boarding, BMX flowing through to todays ADV campaigns, and  instagram account, Organic.Lab ZIP displaying a 20 minute instagram story of ‘environment content’

Brand Partners: Salomon, & SNEAKERBOY

SNEAKERBOY Sydney Flagship