Climate Change Protest ~ Jan 2020

2020 Climate Action Protest.  At the start of 2020 Corona virus was only a mere whisper, it did not hold any real threat in our community (yet), In Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia we had a very real threat on our hands, something very close to home.  We saw local creatives auction off work, musicians and entertainers working to gather donations, retailers offering a percentage of their sales, and the skateboarding community rallying donations together help our struggling communities and local fires with physical and monetary support.  All the public wanted to do was to help, any way possible.  The Australian public were leading by example, hoping the federal government would notice our actions.  

On one of the wettest days in January, after constant smoke filled streets, extreme heat and heavy breathing, the Australian public rallied together make our voices heard.  

Shot on Nikon F4
Ilford HP5 400