In world wide support of the Black Lives Matter movement enthrusted by George Floyd, The state of Victoria came together to show support to all past, present and emerging aborignal people.

During the strict outdoor gathering laws in Melbourne (20 person limit on outdoor gathers), Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) proceeded to hold a 10,000 people + protest in Melbournes CBD.  The protest saw the families of victims sharing their experiences, emotion words & frustrations in relation to the Australian social / incarceration system.  What felt like a hundred thousand people showing support, crowds marched down Bourke St with mutual care for their fellow protestors, law enforcers and environment.  Frustrated protesters, including the likes of Liz Cambage took to the roofs of tram shelters to express their emotions and demand change by using only their words.

Images taken ~ 7 June 2020

Shot on Nikon F4